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The Special Interest Group in Strength & Conditioning or SIG Conditioning, has been established since 2010 by Professor Dr. Nur Ikhwan Mohamad. SIG Conditioning serves as professional education group in the area of strength training and physical conditioning. All SIG Conditioning activities are academic-based activities, based on 9 targeted key-performance indicators (KPIs).

SIG Conditioning in collaborations with other practitioners within the industry especially from National Sports Institute (ISN) later founded Malaysia Strength & Conditioning Association (MSCA), registered with Registrar of Society (ROS) on 14th of May 2011. The association is a non-profit organization promoting best practice in strength and conditioning area among Malaysian strength and conditioning fraternity. 


Provide physical exercise and training prescription for the purpose of reducing risk of injury and increase performance, via systematic and evidence based practice. It is within the responsibilities of the strength and conditioning professionals to determine training objectives, perform need analysis, develop training plan, develop training program, do performance monitoring, determine effectiveness and perform modification for further enhancement. (Nur Ikhwan Mohamad, Ali Md Nadzalan & Muhamad Hafiz Zainol. 2019. Suaian Fizikal Taktikal Bomba & Penyelamat / Fire & Rescue Tactical Physical Conditioning. Tanjong Malim, Perak: Penerbit UPSI/UPSI Publisher.)


Provide foundational education to future S&C professionals and support lifelong education process to current S&C professionals.​​



Since the beginning, the approaches and practices are always based on  the philosophies that:

  • Scientific based reasoning will always guide all practical application.

  • Continuous research & development process is a must for up-to-date and verified  knowledge.

  • Functional training and free weights will always be the first choice in training approach.

  • Development of general fitness prior to sports specific strength and endurance program.

  • Core strength and conditioning will be the utmost important in training.

  • Both undulating periodization and linear periodization of strength will be used instead of traditionally linear periodization alone, depending on competition format of the participating team/athletes.

  • Transfer of knowledge during training from trainers/coaches to athletes will be one of the focus during training session

  • Always adhere to fitness professional code of ethics.



Membership for Special Interest Group in Strength & Conditioning (SIG Conditioning) is automatic and free by joining website or any of our whatsapp/telegram/facebook groups (usually via course participation). 

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