Peer-reviewed articles from academic journals, chapter of books and bulletins. 

The effect of aerobic exercise during the interset rest periods on kinematics, kinetics, and lactate clearance of two resistance loading schemes.


Difference in kinematics and kinetics between high- and low-velocity resistance loading equated by volume: Implications for hypertrophy training.


Brief review: Maximizing hypertrophic adaptation – possible contribution of aerobics exercise in the inter-set rest period.

Maximizing hypertrophy: possible contribution of stretching in the interset rest period.

Comparison between student centered (classroom technology) versus lecturer centered (hands-on) learning approach in physical conditioning short course.

Komponen kecergasan fizikal, prinsip latihan dan  pembolehubah latihan.

Kaedah latihan umum kekuatan dan daya tahan otot.

Kaedah latihan umum kelenturan otot.

Kaedah pemulihan prestasi fizikal selepas sesi latihan, pertandingan dan tugasan taktikal.

Alatan dan kelengkapan latihan umum.

Konsep asas, struktur dan system kejurulatihan suaian fizikal.

Metabolic cost of continuous body weight circuit training with aerobic-based exercise interval for muscle strength and endurance on young healthy adults.


Sports science-based research on the sport of muay thai: A review of the literature.

Mechanical and metabolic effect of standardized load resistance training protocol on untrained participants.

Kinematics and kinetics of high and low velocity resistance training equated by time under tension: Implications for hypertrophy training.

Cardio-respiratory responses to standardized load resistance training in recreationally active participants.

Effect of stretching during the inter-set rest periods on the kinematics and kinetics of high and low velocity resistance loading schemes: implications for hypertrophy.

The effects of resistance training with different focus attention on muscular strength: Application to teaching methods in physical conditioning class.

Muscle activation during unilateral and bilateral biceps curl exercises among trained men.

Relationship between muscle architecture and jumping abilities among recreationally active men.

Lower body muscle activation during low load versus high load forward lunge among untrained men.

Relationship between muscle architecture and badminton-specific physical abilities.

Repeated sprint ability with inclusion of changing direction among veteran soccer players.

Kinematics analysis of dominant and non-dominant lower limb during knee strike among muaythai beginners.


The effects of step versus jump forward lunge as single exercise training on badminton specific physical abilities.

Kinematics analysis of dominant and non-dominant lower limb during step and jump forward lunge in badminton.

Integration fcm-rbfn with butterworth noise filteration frequency for isotonic muscle fatigue analysis.

Lower limb kinematics analysis during roundhouse kick among novices in Muay Thai.

Muscle activation analysis of step and jump forward lunge among badminton players.

The effects of step versus jump forward lunge exercise training on muscle architecture among recreational badminton players.

Metabolic cost during tyre and rope functional training.

Kesan latihan menggunakan tali dan tayar terhadap kecergasan kardiovaskular, kuasa puncak, dan komposisi tubuh.

 Repeated sprint ability depending on the level of condition among university soccer players.

The effects of different volumes of dynamic stretching on 20-M repeated sprint ability performance.

Fascicle behaviour analysis during forward lunge exercise: the comparisons between training loads.

Fascicle behaviour analysis of step and jump forward lunge among badminton players (36-44).

The developmental pathways of Malaysian elite youth badminton players.

Social environment influence lifestyle of youth in rural area.


A comparison of butterworth noise filteration w for isotonic muscle fatigue analysis.

Kinetics analysis of step and jump forward lunge among badminton players.

Physical activity and bmi level: youth in low-cost housing Kuala Lumpur.


Well-being assessment of youth in urban marginalized community. 

Isotonic muscle fatigue prediction for sport training using artificial neural network modelling.

Relationship between lower body muscle architecture and lunges performance.

Penilaian pelaksanaan program ijazah sarjana muda pendidikan, fakulti sains sukan dan kejurulatihan.

Nilai BMI dan tahap aktiviti fizikal belia yang tinggal di rumah pangsa kos rendah di Lembah Pantai, Kuala Lumpur. 

The effects of focus attention instructions on strength training performances.

The effect of resisted sprint training on maximum sprint kinetics and kinematics in youth.

Kinetic asymmetries during running in male youth.

Influence of saddle forward and backward on gastrocnemius muscle activation during cycling. 

Hydration status, sprint performance and physiological responses during Repeated Sprint Ability (RSA) training session.

Acute effects of sled towing on sprint time in male youth of different maturity status. 

Reliability of overhead medicine ball throw test as a muscular power assessment tool.


Squat one-repetition maximum profile of upsi-masum athletes: steps towards proper strength training prescription and monitoring.

Acute effect of standardized load resistance training on cardio-respiratory responses in recreationally active participants.

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