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Magazine: Celik Fizikal

Bil4 June 2023
TOC Bil 4 June 2023




Celik Fizikal digital magazine  [E-ISSN 2805-5470]  is a non-fixed (6-12 times per year) magazine publication published by Faculty of Sports Science & Coaching (FSSKj)  UPSI. Celik Fizikal  is devoted to the effort of promoting evident based writing culture amongst FSSKj staffs and students, as well as other local strength and conditioning practitioners. Celik Fizikal publishes original short articles, letter to editor, infographics, news and views that related to fitness, performance and health, as well as any information's related to research and innovation effort at FSSKj. Articles are published in Malay and English.


- Articles can be submitted in either Malay (preferable) or English language.

- Any submission should not exceed 1500 words (not including references/bibliography)..

- Articles should be written in short, simple and precise manner, with minimum 2-3 references/bibliography and not more than 10.

- No other specific format of writings is required. 

- Every article are peer-reviewed by two blind reviewers, and will also be independently refereed by editorial members.

- Submit articles  by emailing to with submission's feedback will be replied within 5 working days. 


Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Hafizuddin Baki PhD

Editor (Fitness): Nor Ikhmar Madarsa MEd. 

Editor (Health): Raiza Sham Hamezah MSc.

Secretariat: Nur Ikhwan Mohamad



Editor-in-Chief: Nur Ikhwan Mohamad PhD

Editor (Fitness): Nor Ikhmar Madarsa MEd. 

Editor (Health): Fairus Fariza Zainudin PhD

Secretariat: Zulkapli Mohd. Junid


Although Celik Fizikal is not an academic journal per se and is more similar to magazine based bulletin, Celik Fizikal follows the editorial guidelines recommended by the Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE), in order to ensure proper quality of publication's be observed. Papers will be accepted or rejected on the basis of relevance with current issue's theme, importance in the field, originality and clarity of writing. In addition, the alignment with the stated scope and remit of the journal will be evaluated.

The editorial processes are as below:

i) Call for submission.

ii) Article submission and acknowledgements.

iii) Initial evaluation.

iv) Reviewing process.

v) Author's resubmission if needed.

vi) Final editing and processing.

vii) Evaluation and publication. 

Code of Conduct for Authors

- Author's must follows 'Author Guideline' as stated.

- Article submitted must not been published elsewhere, originally written by author and not in consideration for publication elsewhere at the same time. 

- Copyright for any images or graphics or other copyrighted materials used is the responsibility of the author.

- Copyright transfer form must be completed, signed and submitted by the author before the article can be published by the publisher.  

Code of Conduct for Peer-Review

Refer PDF HERE >

Code of Conduct for Editors

Refer PDF HERE >

Code of Conduct for Publisher

Refer PDF HERE >

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