First, please regulate sports and fitness industry

Have you ever imagine the danger with heavy iron kettlebell training supervised by non-qualified trainers?

This a very short one. In response to difficulties currently experience by many sports and fitness trainers, coaches, gym owners and training facilities.

Since Movement Control Order (MCO) started, almost every Tom, Dick and Harry becomes sports and fitness coach or expert. Everybody is teaching some sort of exercise or giving fitness or nutritional advice or even prescriptions online. Copy pasted resources becomes so rampant. And nobody seems to do anything about it.

To become a qualified and recognized by law nutritionist or medical personnel, you need to first have a minimal basic degree in related field. And the entity offering any services in it need to have qualified staffs as per regulated by law.

So sports and fitness industry also need to be the same. Strength and conditioning programming and prescriptions involves not just manipulating training variables, but it involves ‘playing’ around with human body. Exactly, it involves giving stimulus or stress (mechanically, physiologically, and psychologically) to human for any intended adaptation.

Can anyone suddenly become a physical education teacher? Not really, they need to have certain diplomas or degrees (nowadays, bachelor degree is minimum).

So again, please everyone in the industry, please push for specific by-laws for professionals in sports and fitness industry (fitness / strength and conditioning trainers especially). Exercise prescriptions involves risks. And some are really high risks. Ever heard athletes have been forced into retirement due to injury from training, or cardiac attack while training? That’s an example of risk, and it is real.


· Sports and fitness professionals need to have specific by-laws regulating their practices.

· It is first and foremost is for the safety of all Malaysians, undertaking exercise prescriptions from sports and fitness trainers.

· Put clear guidelines separating sports and fitness trainers from other professionals. Increase physical performance and reduce risk of injuries in physical activities are two pillars for fitness professionals. Not rehabilitating, not medicating (unless they have several qualifications and qualified to do so).

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