List of Professional Strength & Conditioning Practitioners, Malaysia.

The List of Professional  Strength & Conditioning Practitioners, Malaysia is a community list of professional strength and conditioning practitioners. Our mission is to establish and adhere to standards and ethics that represent and adapt to the dynamic field of strength and conditioning in Malaysia.

This a non-profit initiatives, no fees imposed and will not be used for any other purposes except to provide public list of qualified professionals in strength and conditioning in Malaysia. 

By joining the list, the listed Malaysian S&C Professional recognizes their personal responsibility to colleagues, clients, and the public in term of their professional behavior. And as such, will perform their professional work based on accepted scope of practice and code of ethics of a strength and conditioning professionals.

The list are divided into two: (1) Strength & Conditioning Professional Practitioners (2) Strength & Conditioning Practitioners.

The list will be publicly published and available for access to all members of public beginning May 2021, and will be updated accordingly thereafter, from time to time.  

Category-Specific Qualification

(1) Strength & Conditioning Professional Practitioners:

  • Possess a Bachelor Degree in Sports Science /Exercise Science with at least 6 credit hours for courses specifically in Strength & Conditioning, or possess a Bachelor Degree in Sports Science with additional professional certificate (MQA Level 3 or equivalent or above)  in strength and conditioning. 

(2) Strength & Conditioning Practitioners:

  • Possess a  professional certificate (MQA Level 3 or equivalent or above)  in strength and conditioning or related, with at least 3 years full-time experience in strength and conditioning related work.

Why Get Listed?

  • Proof of professional recognition by peers within strength & conditioning fraternity.

  • Support professionalism in all Strength & Conditioning works in Malaysia.


How to Get Listed?

  • Completed Online Application Form

  • Submitted Official Transcript showing both coursework and degree(s) completed.

  • Submitted other necessary documents as proof of professional certificate and/or experiences.


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