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UPSI Strength & Conditioning Conference 2020 (UPSISC2020)


Rate of force development: Practical application in strength & conditioning training

Dr. Ali Md. Nadzalan

Faculty of Sports Science & Coaching, UPSI


Rate of force development (RFD) refer to the speed of contractile elements of the muscle can develop force or in simpler words, how fast the force can be developed. RFD also usually known as ‘explosive strength’. By the definition, it is clear that it is important to develop athletes’ RFD as this can make them more explosive, thus will be able to develop greater forces in a short period of time. Athletes with higher rates of force development have been shown to perform better during numerous physical performance tests. Choosing exercises to improve RFD will be depending on several factors such as stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) duration and joint displacements. Several factors were shown to improve athletes’ RFD including increases in neural drive during the early phase of the SSC, changes in muscle fibre type or type area and increases in muscle-tendon stiffness. Thus, it is important for the coaches to plan their athletes’ training program accordingly, in order to enhance their RFD.

Ali Md. Nadzalan

Ali Md Nadzalan is a senior lecturer in Sports Biomechanics at the Faculty of Sports Science and Coaching, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI), Malaysia. Earned his Bachelor and Master degree in Sport Science from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), he continued his academic journey by completing his PhD in Coaching Science at UPSI. He started his sport science career as freelance personal and group fitness trainer in 2010 during his bachelor degree study years. In 2011, Ali started to involve in corporate fitness and since that, he has been invited to conduct fitness programs to multiple private companies, mostly at Klang Valley. His career as academician started when he joined UPSI as a lecturer at Faculty of Sports Science and Coaching. His passion on academic works especially research and publication helps him to rise up as one of the top academician within the Faculty and gaining recognition from others within sports science academia. As academician, he has been invited as visiting researchers and conference keynote speakers at several universities including in India, Thailand and Indonesia. His current research projects include muscle activation, kinematic and kinetic analysis of resistance training exercises and martial art skills. Ali is currently the Editor-in-Chief of UPSI's Journal of Sports Science & Coaching (JSSPJ).

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