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Lifting Workshop 1

For International Students (Beginners) 

Level: Beginners.

Benefits/Outcome/Objective: At the end, participants will be able to safely and effectively utilize barbell and dumbbell exercises for physical fitness purposes (weight management/toning/sports performance etc.).

When: 8 May 2024 (to be confirmed).


Who can join: UPSI International Students and UPSI Global Buddies age 21 years old to 39 years old, with healthy and able bodied.


Where: Block 6, Faculty of Sports Science & Coaching, Sultan Azlan Shah campus, UPSI.

How many: Maximum 15 participants.

What to be learned:

  • Pre-exercise screening.

  • Movement competency screening.

  • Lifting movement mechanics

  • Lifting exercises and training

  • Safety

  • Practical test.

1Lifting Workshop IMC 8 May 2024.png
2Lifting Workshop IMC 8 May 2024.png
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