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Next event: 11th May 2024 at Decathlon Shah Alam, Selangor. 

*First come first served basis. Limited to 50 participants only.

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Endurolift is a gamification of a learning process and a strength training program. It is also part of the scientific research process, assessing manipulation effects of strength training variables on healthy adults. 


Introduced in 2013, the Endurolift word derives from a combination of 'endurance' and 'lifting'.


Endurolift Fitness Challenge is an initiative to promote and produce a fit and healthy community among the general population. The challenge's main objectives are (a) developing the participant's overall physical fitness abilities, (b) educating participants on systematic and well-planned exercise methods, and (c) encouraging participants to be fit for life. The fitness challenge is normally organized at the beginning, during and end of a physical conditioning program, via online or physical event. Information on Endurolift events usually published first at

updated: 10 Feb. 2024, Endurolift Booklet v22024 .

General Rules & Regulations

This is the general rules and regulation for for Endurolift Fitness Challenge, with each series organized may have or may not have another specific rules and regulations. 

1. Eligibility:

  • Athletes must be at least 18 years old to participate in the open event, between 40 to 49 years old for Veteran Class B and  50 to 60 years old for Veteran Class A. 

  • Athletes must sign a waiver/release form acknowledging the risks associated with the competition.

  • Athletes registering under the Veteran Class A and Class B category MUST obtain medical clearance for participation in rigorous exercise activities and competition from registered medical doctors in Malaysia. 

2. Registration:

3. Athlete Conduct:

  • Athletes must conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner.

  • Unsportsmanlike behavior, including verbal abuse or cheating, may result in disqualification.

4. Event Format:

  • The competition will consist of multiple events designed to test various aspects of fitness.

  • Events may include weightlifting, gymnastics, cardiovascular exercises, and other functional exercise modalities.

5. Scoring:

  • Points will be awarded based on performance in each event.

  • The athlete with the highest total points at the end of all events will be declared the winner.

  • Ties will be broken based on predetermined criteria.

6. Safety:

  • Athletes must follow all safety instructions provided by event staff.

  • Event organizers reserve the right to modify or cancel events due to safety concerns.

7. Equipment Standards:

  • All equipment must meet Endurolift standards and be approved by event organizers.

  • Athletes are responsible for their own equipment, including ensuring proper maintenance.

8. Judging:

  • Each athlete will be assigned a judge to ensure fair and accurate scoring.

  • Judges' decisions are final.

9. Scaling:

  • Athletes may be allowed to scale movements based on injury or other factors, but such modifications must be approved by event organizers.

10. Medical Support:

  • Medical personnel will be present at the venue to handle injuries and emergencies.

  • Athletes must inform event staff of any pre-existing medical conditions.

11. Doping Policy:

  • Athletes are subject to drug testing in accordance with anti-doping regulations.

  • Violation of the doping policy may result in disqualification and other sanctions.

12. Spectators:

  • Spectators must follow event rules and guidelines.

  • Spectators are not allowed on the competition floor unless authorized.

13. Disqualification:

  • Athletes may be disqualified for violating rules, unsafe behavior, or failure to follow event instructions.

14. Awards:

  • Awards will be given to the top-performing athletes in various categories.

  • Certificate distribution will be conducted in accordance with the event schedule.

updated: 23 Dec 2023, V12024

2024 Point System

Normal Event

1st  = 25 points

2nd  = 18 points

3rd  = 15 points

4th  = 12 points

5th  = 10 points

6th  = 8 points

7th  = 6 points

8th  = 4 points

9th = 2 points

10th = 1 points

11th onwards = 0.5 points

Special Event/Task

Completed = 10 points

updated: 23 Jan 2024. 

Liability / Disclaimer

“The Organizer” – Nur Ikhwan Mohamad or any individuals or group or organizations with written permission  from him to organize Endurolift Fitness Challenge.

“The Participant” – is defined as you or anyone participate in the event.

On registering your participation at this event you the participant are disclaiming the following points outlined in these terms and conditions/disclaimer.


We would like to draw your attention to the following declaration. You the participant agree and understand that The Organizer and their representatives will not be held responsible or liable for any loss, damage, action, cost, expense, claim, injury, illness and in worse case scenario death suffered or incurred by you which may arise as a result of your participation. In consideration of the acceptance of this entry, you the participant assume full and complete responsibility for any injury, accident, costs, expenses, damages, losses and any other liabilities which may occur while you are traveling to and from the event, during the event or while you are on the premises of the event.

  • Participation is at participant's own risk. By entering you the participant are immediately agreeing to this disclaimer.

  • Participants acknowledge that organizer and official will not be liable for any death, injury, loss or damage arising from participating in this event.

  • You the participant confirm that you are medically fit to participate.

  • You the participant will follow all safety rules and instructions given by officials at the event.

  • You the participant understand and accept that this event involves various types of physically challenging exercises and will require prolonged and strenuous physical exertion, is subject to the unpredictability of the weather and you are responsible for your own safety.

  • You the participant agree and are happy to be photographed by us, The Organizer or by any 3rd party during the event and for these images to be used by us for promotional purposes at any time in the future.

updated: 23 Dec 2023, V12024

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