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Our degree is our  certificate.

Certification simply means what we learned and what we are able to do has been officially verified. Nowadays, you can learn almost everything on your own. But, most of the time your knowledge and practice affect others as well. Thus, verified knowledge and practice is the key to safe and effective practices. Learn more about certification framework in Malaysia. 

Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF).

Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF) is the reference point for Malaysian qualifications.


Courses (degrees etc) that fulfill the set criteria and standards are accredited by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). 

Read more at MQA's website.

Basically based on MQF by MQA:

Level 8 = PhD

Level 7 = Master’s Degree

Level 6 = Bachelor Degree

Level 5 = Advanced Diploma

Level 4 = Diploma

Level 1-3 = Certificate

Courses that we conduct.

Courses that we conduct or organize is considered as professional courses for lifelong learning purposes. Our courses and workshops are all actually derived from part of the syllabus of our diploma, bachelor degree and master's degree. It should be considered as a refresher's course for Sports Science graduates, or as an updates for all knowledge and skills that they have learned previously during their degree years. For non-degree holders that undergo our courses, this is for their own personal knowledge, understanding  and practice (lifelong learning). We do not certify people as a qualified coach, unless stated otherwise by any programs accredited by MQA. 


For us, the only certification as a qualified Physical Conditioning Professionals is our own university degree. Our degree is our cert.

Download our "Our degree is our cert" poster below.

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