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UPSI Strength & Conditioning Conference 2020 (UPSISC2020)


Acute:Chronic Workload Ratio for Performance Monitoring

Mohd Hafizuddin Baki

Anti-Doping Agency Malaysia (ADAMAS), KBS

Performance monitoring involves assessment of various factors that crucial in determining effect of daily training on athlete's overall performance. One of the training variable that need to constantly be monitored is the training load. Acute:Chronic Workload Ratio (ACWR) method is suggested to be used for the purpose of adjusting overall training load and intensities from time to time accordingly. Risk of injuries can also be calculated and steps can be taken to reduce it. This simple presentation or virtual workshop will show how ACWR can be used by trainers. Examples of actual application in national team set-up will also be shown.

Mohd Hafizuddin Baki

updated 19/3/2021



PhD Candidate. , MSc. Sports Science

World Rugby Educator, S&C Coach

ASCA level 2

Sports Science Level 2


1. Assistant Director (Education), Anti-Doping Agency Malaysia (ADAMAS)

2. Center Head Sports Science Unit, MSN Kedah. 2018-2019

3.Strength & Conditioning Officer, ISN Kedah. 2015-2017

4. Strength & Conditioning Officer, ISN SSTMI. 2012 - 2014


S&C Malaysia Rugby 15's 2019

S&C Malaysia Rugby 7's Sea Games 2017

S&C Malaysia Rugby 7's U20 2013-2015

S&C Sailing National Team Sea Games 2015

S&C Judo Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014


Asean Universiti Games 2008 : Rugby 7s Gold medal

Kedah 7s Team 2007-2008

Piala Agong Kedah

UiTM Lions :2005-2010



Bronze Award UiTM 2006

Silver Award UiTM 2007

Gold Award UiTM 2008.

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