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UPSI Strength & Conditioning Conference 2020 (UPSISC2020)


FMS-Movement Screening

Zulezwan Ab Malik

Faculty of Sports Science & Coaching, UPSI

The intent of Functional Movement Screen (FMS) was to create a more proactive approach when dealing with movement dysfunction, we wanted to detect movement dysfunction and intervene as soon as possible. FMS was formed in 2001 to improve the overall scope of performance, fitness, rehabilitation and management of injury risk in active individuals. It was the intent of the founders of FMS to provide a better system for sports medicine, fitness and strength and conditioning professionals to identify movement dysfunction as well as improve communication between the professions. This process began in the mid-90s with Gray knowing that in order to create the most holistic approach to functional rehabilitation you must first observe fundamental movement patterns. It was during this process that he began to formulate a systematic way of assessing movement patterns, which was the origin of what is now the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). However, this assessment process was designed for patients or individuals who were already in pain, so the goal was then to create a screening process that would allow anyone dealing with active individuals to easily set a baseline of fundamental movements. Once the fundamental movements were observed better decisions could be made on how to better enhance the individual’s workout or training plan.

Zulezwan Ab Malik

Zulezwan Ab Malik is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Sport Science and Coaching, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI). He completed his Ph.D. at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), United Kingdom which focuses on investigating muscle strength in diurnal variation and developing a more sophisticated way of phenotyping skeletal muscle e.g proteomic. He also has a special interest in athletic and has represented Malaysia in Asia Master competition, Liverpool Harrier Club, and also once a MASUM record holder in Pole Vault event back then. He is also a member of the Malaysia Strength and Conditioning Association (MSCA). A highly motivated academician specialized in Coaching Sciences (Strength Conditioning) driven to inspire students to pursue excellent. Consistently strive to create effective learning environment in which students become lifelong scholar.  His current research interest is related to muscle strength, functional movement screening, training method, strength and conditioning: resistance training and rehabilitation.

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