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Strength & Conditioning Education


By Nur Ikhwan Mohamad


The Special Interest Group in Strength & Conditioning or SIG Conditioning has been established since 2010. The SIG is for those who share common interests, expertise, or goals that relate to strength training and physical conditioning areas of study. The group provides a platform for collaboration, networking, knowledge sharing, and professional development. The SIG later on became the foundation for the establishment of Malaysia Strength and Conditioning Association (MSCA) and also the Kinesiology Centre of Excellence (KINESCOE) at the Faculty of Sports Science & Coaching, UPSI. 

Scope of Practice

Provide physical exercise and training prescription for the purpose of reducing risk of injury and increase performance, via systematic and evidence based practice. It is within the responsibilities of the strength and conditioning professionals to determine training objectives, perform need analysis, develop training plan, develop training program, do performance monitoring, determine effectiveness and perform modification for further enhancement.

Professional Development

Non-profit programs and initiatives.


Career mentorship program for strength and conditioning professionals.

Lifelong Education

Achieve professional skills by enrolling in micro-credential and short courses through conventional and online-distance learning (ODL) delivery. 

Conferences & Workshops

Gathering of like minded individuals and experts. Enhance learning, networking and growth both personally and professionally.

Hybrid Courses

Level 1,2 & 3 Strength & Conditioning Courses

Hybrid courses (online + face-to-face workshop) for career development as a strength & conditioning professional in Malaysia and other Southeast Asia countries. 



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Highlights 2024

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