The case of fish climbing the tree: Our contribution to society is to find and learn the skills that

They say below was a quote by Albert Einstein. Not quite sure about it. Read it here for investigative articles on daily quotes.

"Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid"

But no matter what, it may be right. Or it may be not.

Sometimes we are happy to see that kind of quotes, especially when we feels that it assist us to "defend" and "justified" our own chose of path or destiny. That is my opinion, not experts opinion.

From different point of view, is the test given to us is wrong, or do we take the wrong test? The question sounds like the same, but it is not. Read carefully. People that create the test if taking the working environment for example, are looking at achieving their own goal(s). For example, they want to find an engineer, or they want to train an engineer (engineering faculty for example). So should they abandon their cause, and provide variety of tests so that they can assess us in line with or talent or ability?

So again, do we take the right course or program or career? It is our choice (most of the time). And it is their rights or anyone including us, to dictate what we want from other. And i think there are quotes for this too. In the end, we should think properly and choose the path that we want. Once we decided, follow the path, take test provided by the people that need our sets of talents and want to assist in developing it potential through education. If the fish failed the tree climbing test, so be it.

That means other people do not need the fish to climb the tree and get the coconut for them, as the fish is not meant to be there. The fish will provide us excellent services in area that their sets of talent fits well.

Go fish, you are not destined with the tree...!!!


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